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Working on the road.

There may be times I want to stay in one place  and work on the road.  I have joined KOA workkampers with a year membership, and have also searched other sites:,, and sites like: .   Some volunteer camp jobs give you free camp facilities; electric, water, dump stations, wifi and cable while you are volunteering at their sites.   KOA doesn’t offer free sites, but might be an ok option. I may go visit their site to check it out before we get snow here!

Travel goals….Journals for Ruthie, new granddaughter and 1st granddaughter Olivia.

Ruthie May

1st Granddaughter!

1st Granddaughter, Olivia

Once on the road, I will be journaling for my granddaughters, Ruthie and Olivia. Granddaughters need their grandparents–probably even more than grandsons–and it occurred to me that one way to keep in touch is to direct my notes and observations to the next generation. So, I will begin.

Not feeling too energetic today, still struggling with blood sugar issues, and the inability to contact any doctors for another fifteen days.  One of the reasons for this specific post is the fact that Ruthie’s great-grandmother, my mother Ruth, traveled through 40 or so states traveling with her mother Anne Hill.  I never traveled extensively with my mother, or for that matter my daughters or son, so this idea dredges up feelings of what might have been.

Field… a week or so ago…

Leaves aren’t as brilliant… but nice.

Same tree today!

Leaves almost all blown away.


Leaves falling…

That time of year thou mayst in me behold
When yellow leaves, or none, or few, do hang
Upon those boughs which shake against the cold,
Bare ruined choirs, where late the sweet birds sang.”

Shakespeare, sonnet 73


Winter on the way.    The red leaves on this tree are now gone… 

Visited RV dealer in NJ today…

Cool, and easy to drive.

Drove this today! Easy…

Drove an Rv today…

I drove down 209 to 206 to the exit for 206 to NJ, drove back to EscapeesRV, and Barry, the sales rep drove the RV out of the dealership, to the fire station where I drove the 2008 Aspect around the building a few times…before I got in, I showed Barry how to take a video of my getting ready to drive. The Aspect has a great floor plan, one slide out, a comfortable bed and is all around an excellent RV… I drove back to the dealership, such good visibility, and no overhang. He says it probably only gets 12 mph, and I questioned him about gas levels for generator operation, he showed me the emergency start button and explained a lot of features. Loved it!

Up at the crack of dawn but took these later in the day!

Frenchtown Rd.


Want to take some photos today of fall foliage, and this pretty area…  Milford, PA.

Online job…


Had a glitch with this assignment…wasn’t completed.  😦

Called an RV dealer, friend of a friend

Well.. called the son of a friend, and he gave me a song and dance about an rv he wants to sell… a 1997 vehicle… can’t do a loan on a vehicle over 10 years… a salesmen, all smoke and mirrors…but I was cordial and got his email, and will send him some links of vehicles to get his insight… He apparently has worked in a lot of dealerships.

2002 Mini Winnie… I want something like this one!!

Watched the VP debate!

Approved of Biden’s debate, hit the major points.



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