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AWAY..for a long time!

hi, It has been years!

I have been trying to move closer to my identical twin daughters for a year and a half now but here it September 19, 2022, and I have not posted here… It’s been a long time because I’ve been very busy, I’m moved to Matamoras, Pennsylvania, in probably 2016 and I’ve been living here almost 8 years in this senior complex. I’ve enjoyed visiting the art gallery in Port Jervis. called upfront Gallery where I had my first art show at the age of 80, right after my birthday. A friend said ALYCE “stop painting, start framing and start showing”.

That was the best advice even though as a teenager my art teacher said I should go to art school. My dad said I’ll never get a job going to art school. So I was chicken and didn’t do it, but now I’m 81 and I am doing a lot of painting still taking classes haven’t been doing much writing I’m trying to move and I decided to pack up a bunch of stuff because I thought I would be moving. Lol. The market is terrible. This last November, November 7 to be exact, I had a car accident going under a 10th of a mile per hour around the corner, I totaled my brand new car.

Be careful what you wish for, because I had bought that car a Prius, after having had a 2014 Prius and discovered that Prius which was requiring a charge for 45 miles, lol, did not have any storage space at all, where the tire normally would be in the back were the two batteries. So there was no place to put scrapers or any junk that you normally carry in your car. Since I live in an apartment there’s not really a garage to store stuff in so I was kind of put off by that plus I like to camp and even though I’m 81 I still plan on doing that, the woman who sold me the car didn’t point out that the seats in the back of the prime didn’t go down flat so there was no place to crash in the event of a rain storm and you couldn’t put your tent up.

So I’m kind of getting used to this microphone on my Mac so I’m going to stop now but I’ll start again as soon as I can I promise.

As it turns out, I figured out the type situation except for this little line lol

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