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The Writing desk…..


Sailing !!

Great Ojai flowers…

Love those flowers!

Beautiful Ojai gardens..

Some of the photos I took in the 1990’s at Ojai still strike me as wonderful.  Here is one.


Volunteering at Obama election site. No one here now. Will be here til 6 pm.

Healers and their Art!

Today I uploaded a link to an interesting article about the effects of energy draining when encountering various people.   The article link is posted to the left of this blog Under the general heading Blogroll.   Check it out.

Some history about my search..

It is interesting that I have seen some of the communication opportunities improve over the years that I have been researching RV fulltimer lifestyle.   Now the networks are all over the country, cell service is much better than when I lived in North Carolina, and had pretty bad service.   Also now wifi is available all over, and when it is not,  an iPhone hotspot could be used in an emergency.  The Sprint service, as I discovered in the Berkshires, isn’t all that speedy, but I am sure that will change.  So I am excited about the possibilities to stay in touch!

Technology and Rving..

Well, today I tried the app for WordPress on my iPhone.. I guess it did work, since the post is up on this site.  One of the great things about a few high tech gadgets is that it will make it much easier as a fulltimer to keep in touch: to  communicate using new smartphones as well as allow one to enjoy great TV through gadgets like Roku that are wireless and don’t cost any fees after the initial purchase of the Roku unit.

First crash on iPhone

First crash on iPhone app. Not such a hot deal. Will post this & see what happens!

Mount Battie, Maine..

The top of Mt Battie where Edna Millay wrote her famous poem.


This picture was taken on one of my travels by car to Maine… a friend decided we should look at the tower on the top of Mt. Battie and I was not excited, but walked along towards it, when I found this stone honoring one of my favorite poets, Edna St. Vincent Millay….She wrote this poem while standing atop the mountain where I stood.  I was overcome.

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