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Visited RV dealer in NJ today…

Cool, and easy to drive.

Drove this today! Easy…

Drove an Rv today…

I drove down 209 to 206 to the exit for 206 to NJ, drove back to EscapeesRV, and Barry, the sales rep drove the RV out of the dealership, to the fire station where I drove the 2008 Aspect around the building a few times…before I got in, I showed Barry how to take a video of my getting ready to drive. The Aspect has a great floor plan, one slide out, a comfortable bed and is all around an excellent RV… I drove back to the dealership, such good visibility, and no overhang. He says it probably only gets 12 mph, and I questioned him about gas levels for generator operation, he showed me the emergency start button and explained a lot of features. Loved it!

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  1. Virginia Baysden #

    Yeah-h-h. Will give you something to think about. I thought should I get one, it can be no longer than a station wagon so I can maneuver it. It also should have no pop outs. I figure that’s less to worrry about tearing up. Hope you can find the one and only!

    October 22, 2012
  2. Virginia, it is pretty easy to drive… loved it and it was a 26 foot rv. Loved the slideout, (Barry ran it for me), and it makes the living area look good! I was a bit nervous, but did ask Barry a ton of questions…

    October 22, 2012

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