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Spring in Rowe


Wow, it has been a long time since I was posting anything, so here goes. I spent a year as a volunteer at Rowe Conference Center, in Rowe, Massachusetts from 2014 to 2015, and during that time became obsessed with drawing and painting trees. I had thought, as a writer and an artist who liked to draw portraits, that I would be writing and drawing people but I became obsessed with the unusual trees at Rowe. I was sketching a small tree outside the dining room, and since it was June, the tree was full of leaves and I was pencil sketching, I thought I would be 90 years old, before I could finish each and every one of those leaves! So I began to draw trees daily and realized I would have to learn to watercolor. So I experimented with watercolor pencils, paint, and a variety of media. I sat there in the dining room drawing every bit of spare time I had. Since Rowe is primarily a vegetarian camp, I would occasionally go to Greenfield, about 45 minutes away, to have a burger at Friendlies. So one day, I had just spread out all of my paints, pencils, brushes and water bottles, when a young intern from the kitchen came over and said, “Alyce, we are all going downtown to a restaurant, do you want to come?” Torn, I would have loved to have gone with them, but I also wanted to paint.. So I told her I would like to, but also wanted to paint! After I had been there a while, Felicity, the camp director came over and asked me, after looking at my paintings, why didn’t I apply for the Artist in Residence program for women who haven’t had opportunity to focus full time on their art. I appied, and was accepted. I spent from April 1, 2016 to May 31st, spending most of my time painting..

Been traveling

Have just returned the end of July from my road trip, or as a friend called it, my “vision Quest” down the coast and across Georgia,  Alabama,Mississippi, Louisiana to Allen, Tx.. More later…


In hospital with infection and finger on the right-hand so makes difficult writing 


A friend and her husband bought an RV recently, contacting them to see if they bought it in PA or NY.. Visited another RV place that just opened in Port Jervis, but all they sell are trailers. I really don’t want to have to connect a truck to a trailer. Am seriously considering a smaller RV, was hoping for a 26 footer. Still have to visit Allentown–maybe after my surgery–will have four or so weeks to explore. Still trying to get second opinion on thyroid… hopefully in next week or two.

Still looking for 2nd opinion!! Doc’s schedule and mine don’t mesh!!! ;-(

Trying to find a good physician for 2nd opinion on thyroid surgery! Reading reviews of docs that were recommended, is very disheartning!!

Been gone a while…

It has been a while since I posted here.. had almost a month of the flu in January  and also  am frustrated that some of the sites for RVs I have checked out have less than sterling reviews, in fact some were not at all flattering to the companies mentioned..   But I persevere…


Have been very busy, getting my blood sugar diet and regime set up, kinda time consuming.  Have to watch carbs, and plan meals a bit better.   Have checked out some PA Rv dealers, and will go to visit as soon as I see one locally to look at.   A friend’s son deals in RVs and he is visiting from Florida for the holidays, hope to talk with him soon.  Now most of my dealings are online, and am checking out a local campsite to see if they workcamp as does KOA.  I did join the KOA workampers for a year, and am researching the best RV insurance carriers. 

Working on the road.

There may be times I want to stay in one place  and work on the road.  I have joined KOA workkampers with a year membership, and have also searched other sites:,, and sites like: .   Some volunteer camp jobs give you free camp facilities; electric, water, dump stations, wifi and cable while you are volunteering at their sites.   KOA doesn’t offer free sites, but might be an ok option. I may go visit their site to check it out before we get snow here!

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